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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked a range of questions about our resin services. Below we answer our most Frequently Asked Questions. If your query is not any of the following, you can contact the team on 0113 253 7527 and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If we have a concrete drive, won’t the water just sit under the resin?
  • If you have a non-porous surface under the resin the water will just pass through the resin and run off with the natural run of the land.  If there is an area known to hold water we would advise that drainage is installed.
I would like a free quote, what happens next?

Simply fill in the form on our Get A Free Quote page and we’ll contact you to arrange a day and time that suits best to come view your job.  We’ll then discuss your project, measure up and identify what preparation work needs to be carried out by ourselves to be able to lay the resin.  We’ll measure up and leave you with a quote there and then.

Do you have any special offers?
  • We do pride ourselves on a great service at a fair price, but from time-to-time we may run a special offer.
How and when do I pay?

You can pay in full by cash, cheque or BACs once the job has been completed.  Not a penny is invoiced until after the job has been fully completed.

Is it just residential work you carry out?
  • No we carry out both residential and commercial work – including driveways, paths & walkways, patios, car parks, swimming pool surrounds, and tree pits.
  • We now also install rubber crumb surfaces.
  •  Read More:  Resin Tree Pits & Rubber Crumb Surfaces
What areas do you cover?
  • We cover all of Yorkshire for residential installations.  However, we cover all of the UK for commercial installations.
What will your 10 year guarantee cover my drive against?

All our installations for resin bound surfacing come with a 10 year guarantee to cover against:

  • loose stone
  • cracking
  • UV degradation & colour change [UV stable resins]
  • frost damage
  • workmanship

The manufacturers give a life expectancy of 15-20 years before minor problems may occur.  A properly maintained surface should last even longer.

I’ve been told a resin driveway can be up to 50% cheaper than tarmac and block paving, is that true?

One of the main benefits of a resin driveway is that it can be up to 50% cheaper than tarmac and block paving but only if the existing surface can be cleaned up and repaired for the resin to be applied directly.

How long will my new drive last?
  • We would like to say forever, but unfortunately it doesn’t.  We do offer a 10 Year Guarantee and the manufacturers, who do vigorous testing on the product, state 15 – 20 years as an average lifetime expectancy before minor problems may occur.
Because the resin can hold water, won’t it crack or pop when the water freezes?

No, the resin bound is tested to temperatures down to -50C and is BBA certified – meaning it can be used on public walkways and highways.  The nature of this product doesn’t allow water to penetrate the stone because it’s coated in resin.

Because it’s porous, do we not need drains?
  • Resin is porous so light to moderate rain and will naturally soak away.  On dips and inclines, drainage is always recommended to handle heavy downpours.
Can we jet wash it?
  • Yes, jet washing will be the best way to clean resin bound surfaces.  We offer our power cleaning services at a reduced rate as part of our aftercare and maintenance.
How long before we can use the drive?

Your new surface should be left for 6 hours before being walked on and 24 hours before driving on.

What specifications are the resin and groundworks laid to?

All our resin bound surfaces are laid in accordance with the manufactures specification. All surfaces are laid to the correct specification for the surfaces intended use. Please see our illustration on the Resin Specs We Work To.

What groundworks and preparation do we need to undertake?
  • When laying resin over an existing surface, preparation is key to a permanent and quality finish.
  • It is essential that new sub-bases are laid correctly and to specification to warrant a guarantee, so we carry out all groundworks and preparation ourselves so you don’t need to do a thing.
  • From widening your drive to full site excavation, here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we have the knowledge and the experience to carry out all our own groundworks to the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Read More:  Groundworks and Preparation & How We Lay The Resin
Why should I choose a resin driveway ahead of other traditional options?

Resin bound is the smart choice that has many advantages over other surfaces. Being Suds compliant, easy to maintain and kerb appeal are just a few advantages that other surfaces can not offer. Please read our in-depth page on Why You Should Choose Resin.

How much does a resin driveway cost?

This is the question we get asked most of all – but it’s not something we can readily put a price on as there are several factors which affect cost.

Rather than totally ignore the elephant in the room, we’d like to try and explain why. So here goes…

The short answer:

No one job is ever the same – and the cost of each job depends on several factors:

  • the area to be covered
  • the base upon which it is to be laid
  • the meticulous preparation work needed to get the base compliant with the resin manufacturer’s specifications in order to validate the guarantee
  • any additional work that needs to be undertaken

This is why we come out and give you a free quote:

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The long answer:
Your resin driveway comes with a massive 10 Year Guarantee so we need to design and deliver a driveway and functional outside space which will cover all your needs for the next decade!

During our free survey we will discuss your needs which will include not only your driveway but also how you intend to use the entire space over the next 10 years.  This is to ensure that we deliver a driveway which is multifunctional, as well as being visually stunning.

So it’s important to think of the space in its entirety and not just as a place to park your car. Your ideal driveway may need to incorporate steps, flower beds, fences, gates, drainage etc – it may even need widening to give you that extra car space!

So, as well as the actual preparation required to install a resin driveway, you have to consider other costs to make it a usable space too.


Preparation is Key
The cost of your driveway depends on the preparation work needed to be undertaken. We have to undertake this preparation work to ensure the resin is laid to the resin manufacturer’s specifications in order to validate your 10 Year Guarantee.

Preparation work could possibly include:

  • power washing
  • excavating
  • taking away and environmentally disposing of any unwanted materials
  • remedial works such as tarmac surfacing and concreting

The Yorkshire Resin Company pride ourselves on being meticulous in our preparation to ensure it looks good – not only after being laid, but throughout its lifetime.

Other Considerations
Other considerations affecting cost are:

  • The type of resin finish or even finishes [we highly recommend a 2 colour driveway]
  • Any accompanying finishes [eg block edgings, pin kerbs, trims]
  • Any additional work [widening of the driveway or area, installing fences, steps, gates, brickwork, raised beds etc – we can do it all]
  • Any necessary water drains and drain and manhole covers 
  • We hope you can now see the importance of a free site survey. If you would like to discuss your ideas then get a free quote now.

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Can resin be laid over flagstones or block paving?
  • No, resin should never be laid over block paving or flagstones.  Resin should only be laid over a solid base to warrant a guarantee.  Also, with the resin being permeable, the outline of the flags can start to show through after a couple of years.
  • Read More:  Groundworks and Preparation & How We Lay The Resin
Why should I choose The Yorkshire Resin Company?
  • Our methodical and professional approach to design, installation and aftercare ensures a consistent, quality service which is what sets us apart from the competition.  The Yorkshire Resin Company consists of a team of consummate professionals, and our meticulous attention to detail and quality are second to none.
  • Read More:  What Our Customers Say & Our Recognised Industry Accreditations
What is the difference between resin bound and resin bonded?

Resin bound is were the chosen aggregate is mixed with the resin in a specialist mixer then applied usually between 15 & 22 mm, it is hand troweled to a smooth finish by professionals. Resin bonded sometimes referred too as a scatter system is were the liquid resin is spread over a surface and the aggregate is broadcast over the top into the resin , the stone sets into the resin leaving the top side exposed. Resin bonded has a rough textured finish usually laid between 1-3mm .

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Friendly and professional service - very impressed with the whole process from start to finish. Did a great job laying a new pool floor for our business which looks fantastic. Very happy and would recommend.

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