Case Studies

Huddersfield Clayton West - Park Avenue

Our brief was to fully excavate the driveway and patio area and lay a beautiful resin driveway and bespoke patio area.

Here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we understand the need for thorough preparation in order to achieve an excellent finish.

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Case Study - West Park Crescent, Leeds.

Our brief was to fully excavate and resurface the driveway and paths around the front of the house.

We began by excavating the area to be resurfaced. We then made good the subsurface ensuring that it was sound and free from loose patches which

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Case Study - Barnsley Tankersley : Hermit Hill and Pilley Hills

Our brief was to fully excavate and resurface the existing driveway.

We began the project by fully excavating the driveway up to and around the double garage. Once the excavation had been completed we then ensured that the subsurface was stable

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