Knaresborough - Henshaw’s Arts and Crafts Centre

A peperclip over the top of a case file.

Location: Knaresborough - Henshaw’s Arts and Crafts Centre

Technical Issue: Incorrect sub base and bad installation

Outcome: A charity run organisation taken for over 15k by this locally sourced company and left with sub-standard work with a guarantee worth less than the paper it’s printed on.

There are weeds and vegetation growing through the resin and pushing it up. Resin should never be laid directly onto hard-core. Resin is a porous surface and laid over a contaminated granular subbase becomes a perfect habitat for vegetation to grow.

This is the fourth horror story we have done on this company and the sad thing is that probably the tip of the iceberg.  We can’t stress enough to customers looking to have resin bound that it is a specialist product that requires a methodical approach and installation to achieve a good long lasting end result.

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