Patio Installation at Sherburn in Elmet


This patio installation was created for Chris North at his home in Sherburn in Elmet by the Yorkshire Resin Company. The brief was to transform a plain concrete patio into a welcoming space by overlaying the patio with a resin compound. Mr North chose a two-tone effect with an Autumn Britney inlay surrounded by a black border. The resulting two-tone effect has totally transformed the front aspect of the property and Mr North can now look forward to long, lazy, summer BBQ’s- weather permitting!

The Yorkshire Resin Company were even able to customise the design of the patio to incorporate an elephant design inlaid into the resin as a nod to the customer’s own personal tattoo.

The Yorkshire Resin Company understands the importance of thorough preparation to achieve a lasting effect and a quality finish. So, before beginning the job, the whole patio area was thoroughly cleaned by a professional power cleaner to provide a suitable surface on which to lay the Resin Overlay. An aluminium trim was also used to create the stylish black border. The area then had to be primed with a resin primer before the resin bound was laid.

The whole of the installation was completed within 2 days and with the minimum of disruption to the delight of our customer, Mr North.

The Yorkshire Resin Company are proud to have been accepted by the Guild of Master Craftesmen as a corporate member- which is the highest level of membership. We are also a member of FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association). We offer a ten year guarantee on all our installations but the average lifetime expectancy is estimated at 15-20 years so Mr North can rest assured that his patio will look good for many years to come.

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