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resin driveway preperation


Preparation is key to a long-lasting resin bound surface. One of the main factors when laying a resin bound system over an existing surface is the preparation of the existing tarmac or concrete surface.

10 year guarantee & reduced cleaning rate

This is why we offer a 10 year guarantee on all our installations – because we’ve thoroughly prepared and repaired the existing surfaces.

We also offer a reduced rate once a year on our Power Clean services [a division of The Yorkshire Resin Company] so the driveway can look as good as new throughout your 10 year guarantee.

Preparation of existing surfaces is key

Here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we have a dedicated power clean division which is used in preparation for all our resin applications.  Power Clean UK is a mobile cleaning unit complete with an onboard 1000 litre water tank and the latest, most powerful, pressure washing equipment.

When laying resin over an existing surface, preparation is key to a permanent and quality finish. This is another key stage which many company’s take lightly and once again just shows how the service from Yorkshire Resin Company is in a league of its own. Here at Yorkshire Resin we have a dedicated powerclean division. Our dedicated powerclean vehicle is designed specifically for jet washing and features a duel operation high powered 250 bar pressure electric start diesel motor and pump which uses 29 ltr of water per minute.  The vehicle is also kitted out with a 1000 litre water tank and 2 x 50m high pressure hoses on dispensers for ease of use, along with turbo lances controllable fan lancers and 24 inch flat surface cleaner it really is a smart setup. This given approach ensures that not only is the surface clean but the sheer power of the equipment used also identifies any weak or substandard areas to the existing surface which could be easily missed by a standard hand held jet wash . When overlaying resin bound on existing surfaces it of the highest importance that that surface is prepared to a high standard.

Using this equipment and our techniques any problem areas are quickly identified so that remedial works can take place prior to the resin application.  This ensures the sub base is adequate for the future and no problems will arise.

Excavation & groundworks

When excavating an area ready for a fully suds compliant resin bound system it is essential that all preparation is done methodically to the correct specification using quality materials and the correct equipment.

At the Yorkshire Resin Co we only use the best materials and our methodical approach leaves little room for error. We believe and have proven that getting every aspect of the base coat and preparation right not only adds up to a stunningly attractive driveway but one that will stand the test of time.

After Care: Reduced rates for power cleaning to ensure it stays as good as new!

We like to keep a good relationship with all our customers and offer a reduced rate for power cleaning of all new resin surfaces once a year to ensure it stays as good as new.

This also allows us to provide you piece of mind because you know we are always on hand to attend any problems you may have that are covered in your 10 year guarantee.

Watch Out

Many of our competitors will give the existing surface a simple hose down and brush away any debris before laying their resin product over the top.  The trouble with this is that any potential problem areas i.e. weak or loose surfaces are not identified and can be easily covered up with the resin product with no immediate problems.  It’s only further down the line when problems arise due to an insubstantial sub base.

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Excellent job. Very careful, neat and polite staff. We are delighted with the work.

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