Resin Surfaces are Great not Just for Driveways

If you are looking at having a new driveway laid, the chances are that you have at least considered choosing a resin bound driveway. They have seen a surge in popularity lately, and for good reason, as they have a number of advantages over more traditional surfaces. One of the most common reasons that people choose our resin driveways is simply that they look good.

A resin driveway can be made from a range of aggregates in different colours, helping to ensure you get something that is just right for your home. They also provide a watertight seal which helps prevent damage and makes maintenance easier. There is also little opportunity for dirt to accumulate and for weeds to find opportunities in gaps.

While these factors make our resin driveways a great choice for driveways, people tend to overlook them as a surface for other uses. You might be surprised at just what our team can do for you!


Using resin bound aggregates, our team is able to lay beautiful patios that you can be proud of. With great looking designs, a resin patio can offer more than those made from traditional materials such as tarmac and concrete. A resin bound surface is also a lot easier to keep clean. Brush with a stiff broom every now and then and your patio will stay looking as good as new.

Pool Areas

Our team is also able to provide resin surfaces for the area around a pool, and it is ideal for the job. Although not too course on bare feet, the surface is still rough enough to provide a non-slip surface, making it a safe option. Because our resin bound driveways are permeable, there is no issue with water pooling around the edges either. As always, the ease of maintenance of the surface makes it a popular choice.

Tree Pits

Tree pits are ideal for keeping trees protected while also helping keep them tidy. Concrete slabs are often used for this, but cracks between the slabs are just right for weeds. The sealed surface of resin bound aggregates, however, means that weeds do not have an opportunity to take root. This helps maintain good looks and, of course, makes the area easier to maintain.

When people do consider outside surfaces, they tend to think of concrete and tarmac and overlook other options such as resin. Ask our team what they can do, you may just delighted with the options available to you!

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